Putting two decades of telco experience to work

We helped leading telcos such as Telefónica, Vodafone, Swisscom and Etisalat get more out of their omnichannel environment and amplify customer engagement.

We’ll be presenting our digital commerce solution, which was created specifically with telcos in mind. Our solutions are designed from the ground up to work effectively and deliver quick results.

Our TM Forum award-winning approach to AI

With three TM Forum awards under our belt over the past three years, NTS Retail has been an innovation leader in telco retail.

One of the most natural cases for AI lies in the implementation of virtual assistants into various steps of the customer journey. We see a lot of potential and that's why we'd love to introduce you to our assistant Roberta at this year's MWC.


MWC is one of our highlight events each year. We'd love to show you what our solutions can do and share our vision for the AI-powered future of telco retail.

Beniamin Longodor VP Direct Sales, NTS Retail

Beniamin Longodor, NTS Retail